Gila Cliff Dwellings NM

Explore the world of ancestors of Puebloan people who lived in the Mogollon area over 700 years ago.
Enter the village they built within five of the natural caves of Cliff Dweller Canyon.
Become inspired by the remaining architecture.
Admire the spectacular views from inside these ancient dwellings.
– from the Official National Park Service web site

This national monument is located SW New Mexico in the Gila Mountains north of Silver City.

scenic overlook
Canyon Entrance - Sheer cliff face in canyon contains the ancient cliff dwellings.
Trees and plants live along stream bed in canyon floor.

canyon trail
Trail up the canyon crosses the stream many times.

first view
As the trail turns to climb up the canyon side, you get a first view of the dwellings.

As the trail nears the dwellings, you can see the entrances to Caves 4, 5, and 6.

dwellings and canyon
View showing the dwellings and the cliff wall across the canyon.

entrance trail
The trail along the cliff face approaching the dwelling caves.

storage room
The foundation of a storage room in Cave 1.

pot holders
It is believed the circular structures were to hold the round bottom pots, called ollas.

cave 2
Looking up at the dwellings in Cave 2. Around 80% of all walls on site are original, they say.

looking back
Looking back at Cave 2 you can get a sense of the cliff area.

I didn't get a good photo of the outside entrance to Cave 3 or the large open area therein, which was too dark. My appologies.

cave 3 looking out
Looking out Cave 3 at the cliff wall across the canyon.

inside cave 4 and 5
Inside Cave 4 looking through to Cave 5.

cave 4 and 5
Dwellings inside Cave 4.

looking up at cave 4
Looking up at the dwellings in Cave 4.

looking up at cave 5
Looking up at the dwellings in Cave 5.

Gila River
This is the Gila River which flows through the valley off which the cliff dwellings canyon is located.
This is actually several miles south of the National Monument, but the bosque along the valley floor there burned in a wildfire
started by a careless camper in 2011 - I didn't have the heart to photograph those areas.


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