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Important Notice:

The entire bosque in central NM from Cochiti Dam through Bosque del Apache is completely closed. [MRGC & localities]

All areas in the Albuquerque Open Space District and Rio Grande Valley State Park are completely closed. This now includes levees and the bike trail, Petroglyph Park, Volcanos, Foothills and East Mountain. [City, county and MRGC]

The Sandias are completely closed, except for the tram and the restaurant & deck at the top station. [NFS] There were a few trails in the foothills outside the wilderness, but there is no access now as the Open Space areas are closed. The crest road is closed, too.

All public lands in the Santa Fe NF are closed [NFS]


Corrales & Alameda Bosque Off-Road Trails

for Biking, Birding, Hiking, Running and Horseback Riding

Including portions of Rio Grande Valley State Park and Albuquerque Open Space District

See also the Sandia Mountains Foothills Mountain Bike Map

Bosque Bill has started a lazy man's survey of trails in the area which is pretty easy using a cool tool such as his Garmin GPS that automatically logs the tracks. The tricky part was formatting the results into something useful for you.

Featured Trail: Corrales Bosque Trail

The main, single-track trail from the northwest end of the Alameda Bridge, north up through the Corrales Bosque, to where Arroyo de las Lomitas Negras is channeled into the river is highly recommended for its scenic beauty and riding pleasure. It winds between cottonwood trees and across meadows with occasional views of the Rio Grande and Sandia Mountains.

Great bird watching opportunities abound; see the birding pages. In mid to late summer there are patches of trail that become quite sandy and other small stretches that are overgrown by alfalfa that can reach over your head.

To view scenes from along the trail use the checkbox for "Display Photo View Points."

Trail Length: From Alameda Bridge to arroyo approximately 6.5 miles (via the relatively straight levee road it's 5.7 mi.) Be courteous to other trail users.

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Services near Corrales & Alameda Bosque
Food, coffee, bike repair, gas, post office and other useful commercial services.

Highlight Corrales Bosque Preserve.

Highlight Rio Grande Valley State Park.

Highlight Corrales Bosque Deforestation. See note, below.

Trails shown on map are derived from GPS data tracks logged during actual bike rides.
(if you would like a .gpx file of the trails to load into your GPS, drop me a line.)
Note Open Space and/or Park hours and observe posted regulations.
Use trails at your own risk. Be courteous to others. Be a good steward to the land.

Notice: Mid-February 2008 I discovered that the project to remove alien plant species (such as Russian Olive and Tamerisk) from the Corrales Bosque Preserve was in full "progress." Much to my dismay the use of heavy equipment to clear the underbrush and trees is extensive and has resulted in destruction of the trail in many places. Consequently, the trail map below may be out of date in the area bounded in red. I don't know how far north the destruction goes, as I lost heart and turned back. See map layer labelled "Deforestation."

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